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Data centres in India focus on consolidation

Anuradha Shukla | Sept. 11, 2013
IT decision-makers are considering build or lease, says research.

Challenged with low space, power, and cooling capacity, data centres in India are focusing on consolidation.

A newly released report from Forrester indicates that IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals in India have to provision new data centre capacity and have to decide if they should build or lease.

These capacity challenges in India are due to data growth, virtualisation, and consolidation, according to Forrester’s Forrsights Budgets and Priorities Survey, Q4 2012.

Although consolidation of data centres increases pressure on centralised facilities, 70 percent of Indian IT decision-makers prioritise consolidation of IT infrastructure.

Consolidation would result in more power, cooling, and space for centralised sites. 

"Forrester recommends that I&O leaders and their CIOs in India evaluate and then take advantage of this new wave of colocation services where it makes sense," said Forrester's vice president and country manager for India, Manish Bahl.  

Leasing more economical option

Forrester notes leasing from a colocation provider to be the most economical and risk-averse solution for many organisations as compared to setting up a traditional data centre.

Traditionally built data centres give complete control over the operational environment but businesses have to invest in upfront planning and designing. Huge costs are involved in purchasing and installing mechanical equipment and electrical equipment. 

Businesses have to spend lesser amount in case of colocation that is much simpler than building a data centre. The majority of the expenditure is operational and very few upfront costs are involved in colocation.

Forrester advises I&O professionals to think beyond the economic impact of a leased versus owned data centre and consider if owning and operating a data centre is a strategic differentiator for the organisation.

Businesses should find out if colocation providers are addressing the current regulatory and compliance standards; and gauge the effectiveness of organisation’s capacity planning capability.

Forrester encourages IT infrastructure and operations leaders in India to carefully evaluate all these options before making a decision to build or lease data centres.


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