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Your Apple ID is due to expire today | How to avoid Apple ID scam

Christopher Minasians | July 5, 2016
Have you ever received the 'Your Apple ID has expired' text? Don't be fooled by this phishing attempt to steal your personal data.

You'll often find a phishing link that would have been sent to you by a friend or family, which has then been clicked-on by them and then automatically shared through his or her contact list. If you ever receive a dubious text message from a contact, always question them about the link - you might even help them uncover that they've been caught by a hoax! Yes, you'll look like an honourable white knight.

How to avoid Apple ID scam - Server down

Thankfully, there are measures internet browsers take and even search engines, such as Google to take down such links.

In our example stated above for: '' / '' / '', we found them to be either completely shut-down or blocked by our browser (we used Firefox for our tests) - even though they've been around for just a day or two!

How to avoid Apple ID scam - Blocked by browsers

If for any reason there are links that reappear in the future, do not click on them. Always consult the source it has come from or dig deeper and ask your friends and family for advice, better still ask us at Macworld.

If you've clicked on the link, then submitted your details; we suggest you immediately change your personal details and even book an appointment with an Apple Store Genius, to ensure your data hasn't been compromised by hackers.

Source: Macworld 


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