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You Must Build a Boat review: This addictive match-three puzzler will ruin your sleep

Hayden Dingman | July 16, 2015
I have played a disgusting amount of You Must Build a Boat this week.

Sure, these are small differences. I wasn't lying when I said You Must Build a Boat is essentially 10,000,000 Redux.

But I'm not sure that's a bad thing. You Must Build a Boat is, like its predecessor, incredibly addictive. And it knows it. The game is a psychological masterpiece. It preys upon all of your worst tendencies--the feeling that the next run will be "the lucky one," the obsession with visible progression and unlocks, the fact that each minute-long round isn't too long (but you'll rarely ever play just one round and then stop).

In other words, it's just as addictive as you'd expect from a mash-up of a match-three puzzler and an endless runner--with a healthy dose of "filling up progression bars" to dig those hooks in even deeper.

It'd be easy to call You Must Build a Boat insidious, but the best/worst part is it's not. There's nothing subtle about the game and its compulsiveness. On the contrary, it's utterly obvious with its strings. And I still love it.

Bottom line

That's really the key here: I love You Must Build a Boat. Whether that love is real or born out of addiction, that's impossible to tell. It doesn't matter. It's love--and what I can say is I played it for hours and hours this week, beat the game, started playing it a second time, and still want to play more. It's perfectly mindless entertainment. Something to do while also half-watching TV, for instance.

If you played 10,000,000 and want more (or even think you might want more), then You Must Build a Boat is the game for you. If you like match-threes, You Must Build a Boat is the game for you. And if you want to forget all your social and professional obligations, stay up way too late for about a week straight, and feel tired all the time? Well, You Must Build a Boat is the game for you.


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