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With help from Docker, Google's Go jumps in popularity

Paul Krill | Oct. 12, 2016
The language has climbed to 16th place in Tiobe index and could claim Programming Language of the Year honors.

Elsewhere in the index, Java again came in first place, with an 18.799 rating while C, still in second place, nonetheless continued its precipitous drop, to 9.835 percent (it had been 16.185 percent a year ago). In third was C++ (5.797) followed by C# (4.367), Python (3.775), JavaScript (2.751), PHP (2.741), Visual Basic .Net (2.66), and Perl (2.495). In the PyPL index, the top 10 were: Java, with a share of 23.4 percent, followed by Python (13.6 percent), PHP (9.9), C# (8.8), JavaScript (7.6), C++ (6.9), C (6.9), Objective-C (4.5), R (3.3), and Swift (3.1).


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