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Winning 'Green' Hearts & Minds

Ross O. Storey | March 29, 2010
The holy grail of a 'paperless office' may be just a vision to many, but one Singapore government statutory board has made significant progress by winning over the 'hearts and minds' of its employees.

 "I have no argument that data centres are huge guzzlers of energy and producers of carbon," he said. "But I think it is more important for IT Managers to steward both their IT and business infrastructure and processes, and to introduce environmentally-sustainable practices and solutions into the workplace whenever possible.

 "I like to think that 'Green IT' resides in three places - in the data centre, in the office and in our minds.

 Ang said that JTC's 'Green IT Journey', which started two years ago, takes a holistic view to include education and awareness programmes.

 Other features included recognizing 'green champions',  paper-less collaboration, paperless meetings, recycled paper, server and storage virtualization, reduced power consumption within the office, a dark data centre, a redesigned e-workflow, encouraging a 'zero forms mentality' plus using recycling bins, etc.

 Ang said these all feed into the sustainable practices of the JTC's larger corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, which he leads.



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