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Windows 8 users snub 'Modern' apps, stick to desktop

Gregg Keizer | May 27, 2013
Majority of Windows 8 PC owners launch less than one app a day

Soluto's data doesn't measure actual app usage—as in, for instance, the percentage of time during the day that the user works with a Modern app—but only the number of times it's launched. Windows 8 users can, of course, open an app once, then leave that app open throughout the day, returning to it several times to, for example, check email.

Coincidentally, the most widely-tried app, launched at least once by 86% of the Windows 8 PCs and tablets, was Microsoft's own Mail, Calendar and People app, which blends email and scheduling with a contact list. It was also the most-often-launched app: The users who did open the app at least once launched it an average of 4.4 times each week, or almost once per weekday.

From there, app popularity fell dramatically. Windows Photos, the second-most-tried app, was opened at least once by 44% of the PC pool. And the second-most-launched app was Solitaire, which was opened 2.1 times per week, on average, by those people who had run it one or more times.

The low app engagement portrayed by Soluto matches criticism not just of the Modern UI, but also of the Windows Store, Microsoft's app store and the sole distribution channel for Windows 8 apps. Beyond the raw app count— Microsoft recently claimed that the store stocked 70,000 apps —some have argued that its virtual shelves have not been fleshed out with the must-have apps that rival ecosystems, Google's Android and Apple's iOS, sport.

Microsoft may be looking at its own app engagement data and seeing results similar to Soluto's: The company has promised that Windows 8.1, the free update slated to ship later this year and preview in five weeks, will be its response to customer feedback. Microsoft can track a wealth of Windows usage data through its opt-in telemetry program.

Among the reported changes due in Windows 8.1 will be the restoration of the iconic Start button to the traditional desktop, and an expansion of system settings available via the Modern UI.

Soluto has published more about its app launching study on its website.


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