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Why outsourced call center roles are coming back onshore

Stephanie Overby | Aug. 15, 2016
A shift in focus from cost containment to customer experience and advanced technology adoption is causing more enterprises to move more contact center roles onshore, according to recent research by the Everest Group

The global contact center spend currently stands at between $300 and $320 billion dollars, of which 25 percent is currently outsourced to a third party, according to the Everest Group. Contact center providers have increased their share of industry spending in recent years, and Bhargava expects that trend to continue for a number of reasons. Enterprises already outsourcing contact center work will be renewing their contracts and expanding the scope to include work that previously resided in-house, he says.

In addition, many enterprises lack the skills and best practices in-house to manage non-voice channels, value-added services (such as analytics), and automation, and will be looking to third parties for talent and expertise. Finally, Bhargava says, there should be increased contact center outsourcing in emerging geographies in the Asia Pacific region, for example, which call center services had experienced lower market penetration to date.

It’s a period of growth and transition for the industry. “The last four to five years has witnessed a gradual shift in the contact center outsourcing value proposition,” says Bhargava. “From being a labor-intensive [category of] work, contact centers have transformed dramatically with higher leverage of analytics, non-voice channels, and enabler technologies and now early signs of robotics process automation (RPA) being adopted. These shifts are fundamentally changing the way contact center outsourcing [is] delivered and perceived.”


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