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Why NCR Malaysia's Kalpana will disrupt the ATM ecosystem

AvantiKumar | Sept. 2, 2015
NCR Malaysia's Danny Fong introduces a new secure, disruptive, cloud-based software platform for ATMs.

Danny Fong_Country Manager_NCR Malaysia

Photo - Danny Fong, Country Manager, NCR Malaysia

NCR has launched in Malaysia a new cloud-based platform for ATMs (automated teller machines) called Kalpana, which is designed to eliminate malware and reduce total cost of ownership by up to 40 percent, said the US-based consumer transaction technologies giant.

Speaking at the launch in Kuala Lumpur, NCR Malaysia's country manager Danny Fong said that the enterprise platform Kalpana marked the "biggest change to the way an ATM operates since the self-service banking channel was invented nearly 50 years ago."

Fong said Kalpana shifted software to the cloud and helped to operate ATMs remotely, in the first instance, through a thin-client ATM including an Android operating system, and has been designed to eliminate malware and enable rapid deployment of new devices and ATM services.

"This new cloud based software platform is a great response to the ATM security challenges faced by banks today and helps to greatly improve and accelerate the process of bringing new ATM services to market," he said.

 "Apart from the operational cost savings and efficiencies the Kalpana platform will greatly reduce the expenditure associated with power management, security updates, paper receipts and deployment of new ATMs," said Fong, adding that customer experience was significantly enhanced.
He said Kalpana software integrated with existing banking and IT infrastructures, connected to existing ATM networks and other consumer-facing channels to allow transactions and services to be shared and re-used elsewhere. "This dynamic allows financial institutions and independent ATM deployers to run a combination of conventional ATMs and thin client ATMs."
 Disruptive change
Matthew Heap, director for Marketing and Solutions Management, NCR Financial Services, Asia Pacific., said: "NCR's Kalpana software is the most disruptive change to the ATM ecosystem in decades. Business and consumer applications are increasingly turning to enterprise or cloud-based solutions that reshape security and enable fast, nimble and dynamic customer experiences."

"Kalpana software is ideal for financial institutions and independent ATM deployers looking to improve security, quickly advance service delivery through technology, and reshape their cost to serve," said Heap.
He said that traditionally, ATMs have run on thick-client, PC-based software and hardware technologies physically found in the ATM.  This legacy architecture was more inefficient, complex and expensive, especially compared to other consumer channels, such as online and mobile.

Security and compliance challenges have pointed out the weaknesses of this legacy PC architecture, said Heap, adding that Kalpana provided a more secure solution as all software updates cold be controlled at the server level.

Some of the benefits of Kalpana include it improved agility, helping bring new ATM services to market twice as fast as before, while also significantly decreasing the cost of:
- Deploying new ATMs
- Security updates
- Power management
- Paper receipts and other consumables
- Remote management via cloud-based data flow
- Support for dispute resolution
A company product statement later described the Kalpana software as part of an enterprise platform that can deliver transactions and services to traditional ATMs with Windows operating systems, as well as new thin-client ATMs. 'These ATMs can be either NCR or non-NCR branded. In order to maximise the value of the software, NCR is simultaneously launching a new thin-client hardware solution: the NCR Cx110 ATM. The ATM looks dramatically different than a traditional ATM, with a sleek, curved interface on a thin bezel. Its 10-inch touchscreen replaces the traditional pin pad, and integrated biometrics and cameras provide ATM operators and consumers with the latest in security and user experiences.'
The Cx110 ATM uses tablet technology in combination with cloud technology to move control and security of ATM transactions to the deployer's enterprise infrastructure, continued the statement. As the majority of the bank or ATM operator's software stack is located on enterprise servers, this new approach will reduce the cost of operating ATMs, by allowing software maintenance and upgrades to be controlled in a centralised location and providing secure automatic updates, avoiding costly visits to each ATM.
NCR is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia with about 29,000 employees and does business in 180 countries.


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