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Who says agile development can't be faster?

Matthew Heusser | March 5, 2013
The agile software development community claims that changing the way you work doesn't make things faster. Then why do it at all? Compare agile to traditional development methodologies and you'll see that agile can, in fact, be faster.

You're free to disagree, but here's an exercise: Take a random sampling of a dozen traditional projects from your company and see how late they were compared to their original plans.

So, Yes, Agile's Not About Speed

This suggests that the agile approach helps the team get something to production faster, build the right thing and eliminates low-value features. One question remains: Is it faster?

Crispin and Gregory might argue that it does not matter, that focusing on pure speed in the short term leads to shortcuts, pain and slow performance in the long term. I contend that teams can focus on eliminating waste and improve velocity as they improve process.

This is a dangerous, difficult thing, more than a bit like dynamite: You can blow things up with it, but if you aren't careful, you might become one of those things. Either way, the debate is certainly still on, and I expect the debate will continue.

The next Agile Testing Days is this November in Potsdam. If you'll excuse me, I have a proposal to write.


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