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Which MacBook: we help you choose between the MacBook Air, Retina MacBook Pro and the 12in Retina MacBook

Karen Haslam | July 21, 2015
Should you buy the MacBook Air, MacBook, Retina MacBook Pro or non-Retina MacBook Pro? We help you find the right Mac laptop for your needs.

Finally the older MacBook without the Retina display offers just 7 hours of wireless web browsing.

Which MacBook is best for storage?

One thing to consider if you work with large files, as many creative professionals do, is the capacity of the storage inside the Mac.

There are two types of storage available: flash (also known as SSD) or a traditional hard drive.

You will find SSD options of 256GB and 512GB for the Retina MacBook Pro, 128GB and 256GB for the MacBook Air, and 256GB and 512GB for the Retina MacBook.

There are also build to order options including 1TB flash storage on the top of the range Retina MacBook Pro (it'll set you back a cool £400 in addition to the £1,999 the machine already costs).

We think that buying a separate hard drive and plugging it in when necessary (or using network attached storage) is a better, and cheaper, solution.

The only Mac laptop to offer a hard drive is the older non-Retina MacBook Pro - this model comes with a 500GB hard drive. The hard drive in this Mac is far slower than the flash drives in the other MacBooks. We would advise anyone buying a Mac to look at a flash drive option.

Which MacBook is fastest

As Apple's fastest Mac laptop, the 2.5GHz quad-core MacBook Pro may be a good choice for you if you are looking for the fastest Mac. There's even a build to order option of a 2.8GHz quad-core. The quad-core processor in the 15in MacBook Pro means it has double the processor power of the other dual core Macs. This is likely to make a real difference to processor intensive work.

It's the most pricey option though. We recommend that if you think you want the most speed you can get for your money, find the build to order option within your budget that offers the fastest processor.

How to chose the best Mac laptop for your needs

To figure out which MacBook will best suit your needs, you'll need to think about what's most important. Are you looking for a MacBook to take with you on business trips? Perhaps you're after a gaming machine, or you're a student who needs a MacBook for uni. Here, we take you through the options.

Which MacBook is best for Productivity?

You'll get iWork for free when you buy any new Mac laptop, which means you'll be able to use Apple's Pages, Numbers and Keynote applications (the rivals to Microsoft's Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

There has been some research that suggests that the bigger the screen the more productive you will be, so it might be best to opt for a 15in MacBook Pro to maximise the effect of the extra screen space.


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