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Which MacBook: we help you choose between the MacBook Air, Retina MacBook Pro and the 12in Retina MacBook

Karen Haslam | July 21, 2015
Should you buy the MacBook Air, MacBook, Retina MacBook Pro or non-Retina MacBook Pro? We help you find the right Mac laptop for your needs.

There are four different models of MacBook laptops in Apple's line-up: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina display, and new for 2015, the 12in Retina MacBook.

Further still, each of those MacBooks is available in different sizes and configurations, with various build-to-order options. It's not surprising, then, that many people have difficulty deciding between them.

Here, we're helping you make that decision by examining the options and providing expert advice about which MacBook is best for you.

First, let's take a look at what's on offer.

MacBook Air buying advice

There are four configurations of MacBook Air available. Two have an 11in display and two have a 13in display. Each size offers 128GB and 256GB of flash storage and a 1.6GHz processor.

The MacBook Air used to be the most portable MacBook available, but the new MacBook with Retina display has now taken that position.

However, the 11in MacBook Air model is still ideal for anyone who travels a lot.

Retina MacBook Pro Buying Advice

When it comes to the MacBook Pro, there are a total of five Retina display models, three of which have 13in screens while the remaining two have 15in displays.

Thanks to its higher specs the MacBook Pro with Retina display offers more power than the MacBook Air, and the display is also significantly higher resolution. Internally, each of the MacBook Pro with Retina display models differ, but we'll come to that later.

MacBook Pro Buying Advice

There is one more MacBook Pro available, the MacBook Pro with no Retina display. It's only available as a 13in 2.5GHz model, but it's the last remaining MacBook with an optical-drive.

The non-Retina MacBook Pro hasn't been updated by Apple since 2012. There have been rumours over the years that Apple will update the non-Retina MacBook Pro, but we think it is more likely that it will soon disappear from the line up.

MacBook Buying advice

There's one more type of Mac laptop available. The 12in MacBook with Retina display.

The MacBook, introduced in April 2015 is available in Gold, Silver or Space Grey, just like the iPhone. Colour choices aside, there are two models of MacBook to choose from, either 1.1GHz and 1.2GHz.

While as we said earlier this is the lightest, and perhaps prettiest Mac available, it's also one of the most expensive, and low powered to boot.

How many Mac laptops are there?

That brings the grand total of Mac laptops to 12. However, there are also build-to-order options so you can spec out the Mac laptop of your dreams at the checkout if you order online.


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