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What are the top 10 tech trends of 2017?

By Holly Morgan | Oct. 20, 2016
Data science, advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence will be centre stage technologies shaping business in 2017 and beyond.

As a result, digital twins will embody the same skills of humans and traditional monitoring devices like pressure gauges and valves.


Blockchain is a distributed ledger in which value exchange transactions (in bitcoin or tokens) are sequentially grouped into blocks and recorded across a peer-to-peer network that uses cryptographic trust and assurance mechanisms.

Currently the hype is around the financial services industry, but according to Gartner, there are other industries the technology can be applied to such as music distribution, identity verification and supply chain.

"Distributed ledgers are potentially transformative but most initiatives are still in the early alpha or beta testing stage," Cearley said.

Conversational Systems

While humans currently interact through chatbots, smartphones, tablets and other microphone-enabled speakers, Cearley said the new "device mesh" will give rise to a new set of endpoints for people to interact.

As new connection models expand, Cearley said there will be greater cooperation between devices, paving the way for new ambient digital experiences.

Mesh App and Service Architecture

Mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps and IoT apps link together to create an architecture of back-end services to build what users view as an "application".

Cearley said in the future, this will enable users more optimised solutions for desktops, smartphones and other endpoints as a well as a continuous experience as users move across different channels.

Digital Technology Platforms

Information systems, customer experience, analytics and intelligence, IoT and business ecosystems form the building blocks of every modern business.

These platforms are a critical enabler for any digital business, according to Cearley.

Adaptive Security Architecture

Cearley said the intelligent ‘digital mesh’ combined with new digital platforms means security has to become more complex.

"Established security technologies should be used as a baseline to secure Internet of Things platforms," Cearley added.

"Monitoring user and entity behavior is a critical addition that is particularly needed in IoT scenarios.

"However, the IoT edge is a new frontier for many IT security professionals, creating new vulnerability areas and often requiring new remediation tools and processes that must be factored into IoT platform efforts."


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