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We play the last mile in dig data chain: QlikTech

Yogesh Gupta | May 23, 2013
Peter McQuade, VP-Alliances and Partner Sales, QlikTech, on why the company isn't a traditional BI vendor.

CW: BI and analytics is often perceived as a high investment domain by partners. Also, it's not high on a CIO's priority list when compared to domains like security, storage, etcetera. Your thoughts.

I can't remember a partner or prospective partner telling me that "I will not become a partner because of the high investment requirements." Of course, there is a need for investment, like any other technology. There is a significant demand for BI. As for the CIO's priority, it must be understood that we are not a traditional analytics company. The organizations that need our solutions should not align with us believing that we are a BI vendor in the classical sense.

CW: Shorter time-to-market and quicker ROI is a concern for CIOs. Are you good at delivering both of these aspects?

The feedback is that we deliver short-implementation times and better ROI. Unlike traditional vendors, who set up massive infrastructure or invite customers to visit their lab, we execute projects at customers sites. We install software on a customer's laptop or desktop with a 30-day evaluation copy. ROI depends on the application and the type of industry. At a broader level, we can say that workers need better and faster access to data and hence our solutions drive efficiency.

CW: The mid-market has been a sweet-spot for QlikTech. Do you have a separate army of partners to help take large strides in the enterprise sector?

We have moved beyond the early adopter stage by adding more than 27,000 customers globally across a broad spectrum of verticals. We work on a balanced business model for enterprises, mid-market, and SMBs. For enterprises, we have incorporated more security features into products and also ability to integrate with other systems. We do not have a separate partner set implementing solutions for SMBs and enterprises. It's not only the tier -1 partners that execute big projects, we have tier-2 partners, too, who have implemented our solutions. We expect most partners to execute service business. Partners develop applications hence they provide first line support which ensures greater engagement with customers. This is a different model compared to other BI vendors.

CW: According to Gartner every major BI platform vendor will present a cloud offering by 2013. But this will account for just 3 percent of total BI revenue. So, are partners riding on BYOD, social media, and cloud which form an important part of the analytics portfolio?

Partners are working on social media, and the great thing about our products is that it's built to the work across different devices and new-age platforms. QlikView on mobile delivers a complete business discovery experience including interactive analysis, rich visualization, and associative search. Qliktech products can work on the cloud. We have one group of OEM partners who have embedded solutions on the QlikView platform and offer a SaaS model. We are evaluating the cloud opportunity as it is a growing interest area.


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