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We have the big data tools -- let's learn to use them

Andrew C. Oliver | June 30, 2016
Few enterprises enjoy even the first-order benefits of big data. The real payoff will come when we interact with systems much less than we do today

Success isn't more visualizations. Success is the abolition of the PC and the smartphone as we know them. Success is when we're alerted to data as needed and spend most of our time making creative and intuitive leaps. Self-service, in other words, still indentures us to data labor. The next huge leaps are when we design real systems and go back to living something that looks a lot more like the future envisioned in the 19th century.

To do so, we must use data and the scientific method to make decisions and, more important, create processes and systems to make decisions rather than making them ourselves. We need to create methodologies around doing this rather than hoping the next tool of the day will free us from thinking about how to do this.

We already have the tools we need to get there. It's time to start using them correctly.

Source: Infoworld 


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