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VMworld promises an amazing future of virtual machines

Rob Enderle | Sept. 1, 2014
VMware and its partners were busy at VMworld. Three specific announcements suggest that the company has big plans for the future of virtual hardware, thin clients and security in virtualized environments.

Well, Google, VMware and NVIDIA are making another run at thin clients. VMware has the core platform that can dynamically upload devices based on user needs. NVIDIA had a Grid server specifically designed to provide good, streamed PC performance at scale. Google has Chromebooks and Chrome desktops, which they sell close to cost and which make decent thin clients (networking problems have been solved largely through VOIP and video-streaming efforts).

Expect to see thin clients at enterprise scale. Expect Microsoft to jump into this with both feet shortly, too, as the company made some large Office 365 announcements this week. Two huge, parallel efforts focused on recreating the simplicity of a terminal without sacrificing the performance or mobility of a PC should result in something amazing.

McAfee Providing Needed Security in Virtualized Environments
Now, none of this would be any good if it can't be secured and massive technology changes often treat security as an afterthought. Going back to Intel, the McAfee Security unit announced a Software Defined Security Controller specifically designed to protect virtual environments against threats such as Heartbleed.

Of course, this tool integrates with McAfee's overall security framework but without it, or something like it, I doubt VMware's efforts could be as successful. In a strange, circular way, Intel is helping to assure the success of Gelsinger, its once-favorite son. That's kind of cool.  

It's hard to see the big picture of a massive technology change when we're in the middle of it. VMworld shows that VMware is one of the major players driving this change, though, along with a variety of partners both old and new. Much like it was once argued that it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a collection of the right partners to drive a major change. After VMworld, it looks like we're approaching critical mass.  


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