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Virtual TimeClock review: Keep track of your employee's work hours

Jeffery Battersby | Sept. 1, 2014
Virtual TimeClock has an excellent set of tools for tracking the time put in by your company's employees.

Virtual TimeClock's Network Edition, which starts at $295, is exactly the same as Virtual TimeClock Pro except that it as accessible to your users from any workstation on your WAN, LAN, or even from remote locations via the Internet. The application requires that you set up a Virtual TimeClock server, although this does not mean that it has to be a Mac or PC running server software, it merely means that you must have a computer that is running and available on your network. This computer does not require that anyone be logged in as the Virtual TimeClock server uses a system daemon run in the background even when it's sitting at a login window.

Two types of clients connect to the server. One is a simple time clock station that your users use to punch in, the other is an administrative app that allows you to remotely manage the way your time clock presents information to your users and how it allows them to log in. Access within your network works seamlessly, while Internet-based access may prove more challenging. You will definitely need ports mapped from your external to internal addresses, and will either need to have a fixed external IP address or use a dynamic DNS service such as Dyn. Once these things are in place access to your time clock over the Internet is seamless.

I have one rather large security concern with all of the Virtual TimeClock apps, which I also made mention of in my review a couple of years ago: Passcode security isn't what it should be. Virtual TimeClock uses pins and passwords to authenticate users. This means that when creating or changing a passcode you get an error message when you use a passcode someone else has already used, thus exposing the system to potential unauthorized access. This really needs to be addressed in the next version of Virtual TimeClock.

Bottom line

Security concerns aside, the family of Virtual TimeClock applications provide an excellent way to track your employee's time. Excellent reporting tools in the pro versions, export to most any payroll service, and network-based time clock options make Virtual TimeClock an excellent time tracking choice.


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