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Version 3.0 of Nimble's CRM helps you find connections and keep them

Yaara Lancet | Aug. 14, 2013
If you're managing a large social account, Nimble 3.0 can help you stay on top of your online presence and even expand it.

Nimble is no newbie to the social CRM scene, and has been offering its unified social dashboard for several years now. Nimble 3.0, takes the system a step forward, doing its best to develop superpowers. Nimble 3.0 ($15 per month per user, feature-limited free version for personal use only) is not just about organizing your contacts and interactions: It's about finding the right people to interact with, and making sure you don't forget to do so.

Nimble 3.0 is not dissimilar to its previous version, and while there are no significant UI changes, in some aspects it looks like a brand new product. The former Activities, Contacts, Deals, Messages,  and Social tabs have been reworked, with the most prominent additions being the Today tab and the Signals tab. The Social tab is missing in action, but your social interactions are still available in other tabs.

Nimble 3.0 Today tab
The Today tab is a great place to get oriented and find important contacts and engagement opportunities.

As before, Nimble aggregates your online life from Gmail (or any contacts CSV file), Google+, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and Twitter, making it equally easy to bore in on a single contact for a wide picture of their online presence, and to keep up with social activities from all your different networks.

The new Today tab is a start page of sorts, featuring engagement opportunities sorted by how good they are (e.g., if a CEO of a big company has a birthday today, that's better than some lowly worker trying to join your network). It also gives you a nice overlook of tasks due today, and upcoming deals--all of which can be added through Nimble or synced from your Google Calendar. The top of the page features today's "top 3," which are a daily choice of interesting contacts pulled from your networks. Every day, you can mark these contacts as important or not, and help Nimble improve. When you mark a contact as important, you get to set a recurring reminder to stay in touch with them, so the connection never falls through the cracks.

The second new tab in Nimble 3.0 is the Signals tab, aimed at helping you pick the signal out from the noise. This is all about social networks, and features as many of them as you added. From here, you can track your notifications, send or schedule status updates or personal messages, and track your own activity; but it also includes the Signals (Beta) tab, which is another way to find important people to engage with.


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