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Using micro location tech to revolutionise Malaysia's brick-and-mortar stores

AvantiKumar | June 24, 2014
With the explosion of smartphone usage, retail technology provider Ebizu's Gerard Lim said the time is right for digital technology, such as its beacon and Shop Smart solutions, to help deepen customer engagement.

Ebizu in Malaysia modified 

Photo -  [3rd from the left] Gerard Lim, Director, Ebizu Sdn Bhd and [4th from the left] Rohit Maheswaran, Chief Operation Officer of Ebizu Sdn Bhd during the reveal of the Ebizu Digital Business Retail Solution.


Bricks and mortar stores in Malaysia can connect with their customers with digital technology, according to Ebizu, which recently unveiled its Ebizu beacon and Shop Smart solution.

Ebizu director Gerard Lim said micro location technology helps retailers draw foot traffic into their stores. "The beacon and Shop Smart solutions are among Ebizu's business-to-business (B2B) digital retail solutions to help small and medium businesses, hypermarkets and malls manage and grow themselves using affordable cloud and mobile technologies."

Lim said the company "aims to revolutionise brick-and-mortar businesses and their brands by connecting them to the constantly connected consumer - via micro location technology for proximity marketing, coalition loyalty, business apps and analytics and insights."

"Ebizu empowers merchants running brick-and-mortar outlets to transform their businesses in a time when people are spending more than three hours each day on their mobile devices using the Internet," he said.

"Shoppers do appreciate the immediacy of in-store shopping and the personalised treatment they may receive, so we want to help merchants maximise this potential by reaching out to shoppers via a mobile platform," said Lim.

"Ebizu uses the latest micro location technology to allow merchants to identify shoppers who are close by - to provide them with product information and the latest deals on the go, via a Bluetooth Low Energy channel and WiFi. Merchants are also able to know exactly who their shoppers are and use targeted marketing to increase the efficacy of communications to them," he said.

 Bluetooth beacons

"In each merchant store, the Ebizu beacon (using state-of-the-art Bluetooth 4.0 beacons that have a range of 100 feet) are placed at strategic spots, which then beam a steady signal that is intercepted by shoppers' smartphones using the complementary Shop Smart Solution," said Lim.

"This channel between the merchant and shopper deepens customer engagement by the collection of shopper preferences and behaviour, which build up personalised profiles for customisation of marketing and promotional activities - focusing on their real-time physical proximity to the store, with the aim of increasing customer loyalty and retention in the longer term," he said.

"Ebizu's technology is highly scalable as it can be customised and is easy to use for businesses of all sizes from hypermarkets, shopping malls, retail chains right down to small independent brand stores," said Lim. "Furthermore, businesses can benefit from the solution without a hefty price tag or the headaches that comes at the implementation stage."

"At Ebizu, we want to enable the future of retail by delivering the new era of connected digital commerce," he said. "Our contextual, personalised, and location-based marketing solution allows shoppers to select what they want to see, when they want to see it. This eliminates spam and increases interaction with shoppers via relevant offers."

"Malaysia currently sees 35 percent smartphone penetration or more than 10 million smartphones in use, with the number expected to rise as high as 60 percent penetration by 2015, according to some predictions," added Lim. "This indicates that it is crucial for brick-and-mortar stores to ensure that smartphone usage can benefit their businesses."

"To help businesses of all sizes conveniently manage and market their business online, we offer the Ebizu Business Centre (EBC) - a one-stop centre complete with an array of business tools to help merchants understand and communicate with their customers," he said. "In addition, Ebizu's analytics and insights support service helps merchants know more about the visitors to their stores. They can easily gain deeper understanding of customer behaviour, categorise and profile shoppers, and analyse data to improve services and increase revenue."

"Many people today use malls as social and leisure spaces, and we want to help retailers make shoppers feel welcome by providing timely and relevant personalised information that elevates the shoppers' in-mall and in-shop experience," said Lim. "Our micro location technology supports indoor positioning, helping shoppers find their way around, and discovering the mall from a different angle."


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