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User entity behavior analytics, next step in security visibilty

Kacy Zurkus | Oct. 28, 2015
Advanced analytics that focus on identity predicted to offer more visibility than logs.

“It is absolutely a conversation that everybody should have. The reason we are doing behavior analytics is on behalf of the person. On behalf of everyone, we are watching you and then telling you when you are not acting like yourself,” Stolte said.

In many ways UEBAs work like a credit monitoring service in that no one is sitting and watching each purchase an individual makes. However, when an oddity shows up that doesn’t seem in line with a user’s normal activities, it sets off an alert.

The success of these capabilities relies on the collection of a lot of information. Right now, the companies that can afford the innovation teams and have the financial structures to adopt UEBAs are seeing the benefits, said Nayyar.  

Gartner predicted, “By 2017, at least 20 percent of major security vendors with a focus on user controls or user monitoring will incorporate advanced analytics and UEBA into their products, either through acquisitions, partnerships or internal development.”

Over the next few years, enterprises of all sizes and across all industries should expect to see these service packages expand and evolve into more affordable and available products.   


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