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Use software license optimization tools to get your money's worth out of SaaS

Vincent Brasseur, Director of Product Management, Flexera Software | April 6, 2015
Software as a Service (SaaS) breaks the shackles of traditional software licensing approaches, but savvy users still optimize their SaaS environments to avoid undue costs.

Another limitation of using an agent to monitor SaaS product activity is agents only provide a partial picture. Because web applications can be used from any device, not just corporate owned devices. The increased use of personal devices for business purposes — Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) — may prevent accurate monitoring of SaaS product usage because they are beyond the reach of the agent.

An alternative solution is to rely on usage data, when available, furnished by SaaS providers. This is difficult to do manually, however, because the data must be gathered from different SaaS products and folded into a single enterprise report a single "pane of glass." This is challenging because each provider has its own user interface or API. Manually accessing each provider's data on a monthly basis, and reconciling it with the business rules and users would be prohibitively time consuming. A Software License Optimization tool would be needed to automate these tasks.

SaaS applications seem to be easy to manage. However, they can generate hidden waste when organizations do not have sufficient processes or tools in place to ensure that all licenses being purchased are needed, and all users are leveraging their rights to the SaaS product to their fullest.


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