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US Air Force makes energy management scheme fly

Antony Savvas | May 3, 2013
The US Air Force is now relying on a tie-in between suppliers McKenney’s and Splunk to help reduce energy costs.

The US Air Force is now relying on a tie-in between suppliers McKenney's and Splunk to help reduce energy costs.

Facing several legislative mandates to reduce energy consumption, Eglin Air Force Base has launched a strategic energy "master plan", which includes the bdoc system at the heart of an energy management system.

When it is fully deployed, bdoc will use machine data from more than 20,000 sensors deployed in more than 100 buildings to analyse energy usage and costs in order to identify cost-cutting opportunities.

For instance, by correlating both historical and real-time energy utilisation and pricing data with occupancy and environmental data from heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, the base might identify significant opportunities for load shedding, identifying times it can shut off select HVAC systems during high energy cost periods.

Historically a mechanical systems and services business, McKenney's recently launched bdoc, an integrated intelligent software and hardware system for capturing critical information to enhance efficiencies and reduce costs for all facility stakeholders. It is designed to enable organisations around the world to "listen" to their buildings.

Splunk, which provides a software platform for real-time operational intelligence, has seen its Splunk Enterprise system integrated with McKenney's bdoc system.

Splunk Enterprise has become the analytics backbone of a new combined programme to analyse data from elevators, security doors, light switches, wall mounted thermostats and air conditioners - essentially all the machine data generated by buildings.

"Buildings create an incredible amount of data and Splunk Enterprise and bdoc are helping organisations take advantage of this valuable information," said Brian Gilmore, programme manager for enterprise intelligence at McKenney's.


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