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Uncovering Changi Airport’s secret to good service

Nurdianah Md Nur | Oct. 4, 2013
The secret lies in One Changi, a centralised platform that enables CAG and its partners to monitor their service quality and improve staff productivity.

"The previous CRM system was not very effective and was limited in scale as it only covered a small subset of customers. This CTPRM solution addresses that limitation by including CAG's customers, partners and tenants. It also allows partners to easily connect to CAG as it is on cloud," said Lee.

The first component under the CTPRM solution is the customer relationship management portal. It integrates all feedback and enquires received from customers across the different communications platforms mentioned above. CAG's customer service officers (CSO) can thus reply to simple enquiries immediately or channel feedback to the respective agencies for follow up. 

The CTRPM solution also contains dedicated portals for partners and tenants to have a single view of feedback across all channels for case closure and continuous improvement. When feedback requiring corrective actions appears on the portal, the partners' or tenants' CSO can accept, follow up, update and close cases by themselves on the portal. CSOs can also use the portals to explore previously resolved cases to solve similar ones.

To motivate tenants and partners to continually provide good customer service, performance reports from these portals will be graded as part of CAG's quality service management programme. Employees of agencies that scored well will then be "rewarded in terms of actual dollars and cents", said Lee.

Looking ahead
CAG is also using social media channels, namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to reach out to its tech-savvy customers. As these channels contain customers' compliments, queries and complaints on the airport, Lee plans to link these feedback to CAG's CTPRM by early 2014 to gain deeper customer insights.

Since much has been done to develop customer-facing solutions, Lee asserted that it is now imperative for CAG to further invest in back-office innovation and capabilities. Such investments will not only help improve staff productivity, but also enable CAG to continue providing good customer service. One example is CAG's investment in the FAST travel initiative, which is set to be first launched for the upcoming Terminal 4 (T4), said Lee. Under the initiative, T4 will provide more kiosks for self bag-tagging and self bag-drops, and automate the baggage sortation process. By doing so, the processing times and number of staff members required for these processes will be reduced.


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