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Uncovering Changi Airport’s secret to good service

Nurdianah Md Nur | Oct. 4, 2013
The secret lies in One Changi, a centralised platform that enables CAG and its partners to monitor their service quality and improve staff productivity.

Steve Lee, CIO and senior vice-president (technology), Corporate IT & Technology of Changi Airport Group
Steve Lee, CIO and senior vice-president (technology), Corporate IT & Technology of Changi Airport Group

Singapore's Changi Airport is one of the best airports globally, winning the 'World's Best Airport' at the Skytrax World Airport Awards this year. The Skytrax Awards are based on a survey format that focuses on passenger satisfaction. The 2013 win means that Changi Airport has won the accolade for the best airport four times.

To ensure that Changi Airport remains competitive, the Changi Airport Group, the business unit in charge of running the airport, has introduced a technology initiative called One Changi that aims to help keep the quality of passenger service consistent.

With a total investment of US$3.8 million, One Changi is a centralised platform enabling the Changi Airport Group (CAG) to share information with its partners and tenants to collaboratively provide good customer service.  Steve Lee, CIO and senior vice-president (technology), Corporate IT & Technology of Changi Airport Group,  explained that One Changi is necessary to service the 51.2 million passengers it receives annually as the airport is a "complex system of systems". Besides its 1,400 employees, it also oversees the staff performance of over 200 airport partners as they contribute to the customers' impression of the airport. Airport partners include ground handling officers, emergency services officers, and cleaners.

One crucial aspect of One Changi is a set of customer-facing solutions that help transform and enhance the current service standards, said Lee. The customer-facing solutions are the feedback management SWIFT system, the tablet-based SWEET system, social media channels, and the customer management CTPRM solution.

Taking SWIFT actions
The Service Workforce Instant Feedback Transformation (SWIFT) system is an integrated feedback management and business intelligence system that helps CAG and its partners "monitor service quality and improve staff productivity", said Lee. It is made up of two components: the Instant Feedback System (IFS) and e-Inspection system. 

As the name suggests, IFS allows customers to rate their satisfaction levels immediately after using a service or their encounter with a frontline staff on touchscreen devices at various locations in the airport.  These devices come in 7-inch, 10-inch or 15-inch-sized screen formats, and can be found at toilets, check-in, immigration and information counters, as well as retail and F&B outlets.

"IFS enables us to quickly take corrective actions on customer complaints," said Lee. For instance, when a customer comments that the toilet is dirty via the feedback device, an SMS will be instantly sent to the supervisor's smartphone. A cleaner will then be dispatched to the particular toilet to rectify the situation. The IFS thus encourages CAG's partners to be more responsive in addressing customers' feedback.


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