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Troubleshooting Photos: Syncing, deleting, organizing albums, and more

Glenn Fleishman | July 20, 2015
We're back with more answers to a seemingly endless number of Photos questions, including deleting, syncing, and organizing albums.

You'll all be happy to know, I believe, that at least there are more sorting options within albums in version 1.1: you can now opt to keep sorted by title, oldest first, or newest first.

At the tone, the time will be...

Richard Middleton wonders about time:

Pictures that were organized into events in iPhoto are now scattered seemingly because of the dates of the pictures which I can no longer adjust even with the day, date, year feature. The year is the important piece for my organizing. Am I forced at this point to purchase an app like Exif Editor to adjust the data to then be able organize the Pictures?

iPhoto Events weren't lost! When you import an iPhoto library, all the Events are dumped into a photo album folder called, appropriately, iPhoto Events. You can drag these out into the main sidebar or leave them there.

If you want to adjust the date and time of images, select them and choose Image > Adjust Date and Time. This option is available when you're viewing Moments and the contents of albums. If this is failing, as you indicate, I wonder if the images are referenced in your library instead of directly imported. You can tell if that's the case if there's an icon overlaying the image of a "referenced" image: a rectangle with an arrow inside it.

(Related: David Buckley asks, "What is the small toolbox on this photo?" It indicates that an image has been edited. You can see the full list of overlay icons by choosing Help > Photos Help, clicking Show Topics, choosing "View and add information about photos" and then clicking "Display titles, other metadata, and badges.")

You an also use Smart Albums to organize by date. Select File > New Smart Album, and you can set a date range (by having one condition be greater than or equal to a certain date and another less than or equal to a later date) or other parameters.


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