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Top Tips to Becoming a “Jedi Master” of Data

Jonah Kim, Product Manager, APAC, Tableau | Jan. 10, 2017
Here are some top tips to help you to get on the path to becoming a “Jedi Master” of data.

Pro Tip 3: Create Insightful Data on the Go

For data to be useful, it not only has to be presented visually, but clearly, efficiently, quickly, and sometimes on a mobile device of choice too. Smartphones, the epicentre of personal communication and information, continue to enhance digital connectivity anytime, anywhere.

This applies to anyone in the real world as well. A traveller seeking a budget flight somewhere in Asia can get access to various flight ticket promotions across several air carriers at a glance, on his mobile phone. Savvy investors who are looking for a stable and profitable investment in the stock market or real estate market, can build simple, easy-to-read dashboards to identify trends, seek out opportunities, and evaluate risks, while they work on the go.

Digging deeper into the data is now as easy as dragging and dropping icons on your computer screen. Point and click your way around charts and graphs and you can group information accordingly. Data can even be presented on geographical maps to help users better see area-specific information.

In the wise words of Padawan Ahsoka Tano, "this is a new day, a new beginning." We are still at infancy with data analytics and visualisation. With creative thinking, openness to embracing a data-driven culture, and employing data visualisation tools on the go, anyone can be a "Jedi Master" of data. Non-analysts and everyday individuals can be empowered with data analytics and visualisation skills, generating and delivering actionable insights, driving sales performance, and making better life choices. So are you ready for your path towards becoming a "Jedi Master" of data?


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