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Top initiatives in IT operations for 2014/2015

Rand Morimoto | April 2, 2014
Planning and implementation roadmap for the year

Enterprise Social Enablement for Departmental Support Services: For years, "help desk" or "incident management" was relegated to an I.T. department tasks, however in this age of cloud and the empowerment of departments throughout the enterprise, organizations have found that "I.T. support" is less and less that of helping a user figure out how to write an email or open a file attachment, to specific line of business usage of enterprise applications and workgroup tools. I.T. is not always the best source for answers how an engineering application, financial analysis tool, business intelligence data metric modeling application, or client relationship data mining application works.

More and more questions are being answered by the line of business specialists and experts themselves, and as such, a rise in the use of Enterprise Social collaboration tools for department support services are taking root within organizations to facilitate peer to peer knowledge sharing and communications. Tools such as Yammer or Chatter are being adopted for better communications throughout the enterprise.

Updating Voice / Telphony Systems: Many organizations with older phone and telephony systems are finding the need to update their voice communications systems to enable users to take and make calls from any of their myriad of endpoint devices. While Voice over IP (VoIP) has been around for a while, new solutions are helping enterprises integrate voice communications along with traditional email communications systems, but also with instant messaging, Web conferencing, Video conferencing, and enterprise social integration.

Organizations already using Microsoft Outlook for email have found Microsoft's Lync communications system an easy solution for voice and data integration since the licensing for Lync is commonly already owned (in part or in full) by enterprises, and there's minimal effort required to "integrate" Microsoft's email system with Microsoft's data and voice tools.


These are the major initiatives that have floated to the top of most enterprises for the year, with the key focus this year of simplifying I.T., decreasing the number of individual license agreements and contracts an organization has, and optimizing I.T. efficiencies.

Source: Network World


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