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Thomson Reuters upgrades Eikon data platform

Matthew Finnegan | Feb. 4, 2013
Thomson Reuters has released the latest iteration of its Eikon trading data platform, adding new features as the platform begins to gain traction with traders after a problematic launch.

"The vision is that Eikon will become our singular desktop experience, it will be a superset of everything we do," he said. "That was really the first driving mission of what led us to develop Eikon."

He added that this means adapting the software to meet demands of traders, by equipping them with familiar software tools he claims are lacking from enterprise software systems, specifically in the financial sector.

"The other half of the mission is to do it in a modern way," said Brittan, who was formerly strategy director at Google Finance. "Enterprise software has not always been as innovative as consumer software.

"If you look at Google and Apple and Facebook and Amazon and what they are doing, it is a whole different way of interacting with systems.

"We think there is a very clear demand for people to have that 21st century experience visual experience, using search as a central navigational paradigm, and having a 'no-user manual' ease of use approach."

Brittan said that by meeting these demands, Eikon is starting to win over customers that might have been put off at first.

"The product is constantly appealing so it does more, it appeals to a broader range of users," he said.

"We are getting momentum in the marketplace, we are getting more and more people that have heard of it, and have more colleagues who have used it, and that makes it easier for people to adopt it."


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