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There is no competition discussion around SAP HANA: Bronwyn Hastings

Yogesh Gupta | May 23, 2013
APJ Channel Chief for SAP, Bronwyn Hastings talks about the company's vision around HANA and the business potential for channel partners.

CW: Are you building an army of new channels or can traditional SAP partners explore HANA too?

HANA is open to both. For traditional partners, Suite on HANA is like revitalization for their business to explore analytics and new technologies. They can use the attach environment in the existing base, and sell Suite on HANA to net new customers. Parallelly, we are approaching partners in domains such as core analytics and data warehousing. We have a focused ISV play for them to develop applications on HANA. We are also exploring how HANA will play in analytics through a services model. In all, it is a multi-faceted approach as we are looking at all channel routes to market for HANA.

CW: What about leveraging the technology and partner base of hardware vendors like HP to push HANA into the enterprise space?

Many platform vendors including HP and other global SIs have centers of excellence for HANA, analytics, and mobility. They seem to have bought into our vision. We take joint go-to-market efforts to address common partner bases, and hold channel programs where we see coherence between two vendor companies. It is an area where the big vendors have all engaged on building competency and building CoEs. Some centers have set up industry environment which brings industry flow and technology in play for customers--a highly compelling proposition.

CW: Do you see the core ERP business moving more to a hosted or cloud model, compared to the traditional one? Are channel partners transitioning accordingly?

With the new business models, it is not about reselling anymore. We are offering database, embedded, HANA (services mode) and multiple other business models. However, reselling in a traditional manner is still valuable for partners, depending on customers' needs. Some partners are considering foraying into the cloud business either as service providers or as sellers. We see many customers opt for predictive analytics and big data on cloud than on-premise. Social analytics on cloud will be big and we have solutions built around it. When we talk to the partner community, we highlight our differentiation--mobility, and HANA, which is a market-transforming vision. They understand that we do not have much competitive conversation. Partners have been focusing on micro verticals for core products like ERP in a successful manner, and the same strategy will extend across the entire solutions portfolio, including HANA.


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