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The Yield - Inside the mind of Mother Nature

Holly Morgan | June 12, 2017
As organisations begin to experiment with intelligent apps, The Yield founder and CEO, Ros Harvey, explains how the Australian start-up is racing ahead in agriculture.

"We named the business The Yield for a reason. If you can't have that effect, then you don't have a business. The name really reflects our values and the way we approach technology."

Ros Harvey - Founder and CEO, The Yield
Ros Harvey - Founder and CEO, The Yield


Underpinned by intelligence

Designed to improve yields and reduce customer risk, The Yield's solutions are powered by reliable, accurate and trusted data, targeting the agriculture and aquaculture industries specifically.

Leveraging key partnerships with Microsoft, Intel and Robert Bosch, the company uses both mobile and web applications, combining wireless sensor networks and localised data, before using data analytics to transform raw observations into value- adding information.

Specifically, The Yield utilises Microsoft solutions via Azure, including IoT Suite, Microsoft Azure SQL Databases, Azure Data Storage and Azure Machine Learning and Analytics.

"Part of what The Yield does is take away the hassle," said Harvey, who previously worked at the International Labour Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland.

"We provide an end-to-end service where we install our own hardware, service it, support it and make sure the data is curated.

"We then analyse it, transform it through predictions and then it drives these simple interfaces. Our unique differentiator is that in working with weather data, we do it at a very microclimate level such as the farm itself, the field and the plant right down to the row.

"If we do our job well, we are almost like magicians. It's like everything disappears and all people have to focus on is the app."

Whilst predictions and answers lie within the tech and the raw data itself, Harvey said that ultimately, the end solution for the industry as a whole, is underpinned by a commercial approach.

"There is so much data out there and it's important," she explained. "But what is arguably more important, is understanding the business problem that you are trying to solve.

"So we think about the decisions that are made on farms; when to plant, irrigate, feed, protect and harvest.

"We work closely with our customers to design apps and dashboards that help them make those decisions faster and hyper-contextualise it."


Oyster for entree

The Yield released its first solution designed for the aquaculture industry in August 2016 - specifically targeting oysters - rolling out to 80 per cent of harvest areas across Tasmania, as well as in Pambula, New South Wales.

Harvey and her team used Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite to power real-time sensors that sit in the oyster leases and analyse the water the oysters drink.

The information is ingested into Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, where machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities make data- based predictions that are shared with growers and regulators via real-time dash-boarding.


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