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The Year of the Horse rides in on mobility

Computerworld Hong Kong staff | Dec. 10, 2013
Our tradition of inviting local IT leaders to share their thoughts of the tech trends continues. Our trio of questions reviews last year's overrated tech, forecasts next year's tech trend, and explores different tech wishes.."

With the release of Google Glass for developers earlier this year, wearable technologies received increased attention. While Google expects to release Glass to consumers in 2014, more tech players will explore opportunities to connect wearable items and "things" to the Internet to accessing cloud data and provide different consumer services.

"Cloud computing, big data, and IoT [are top 2014 tech trends]," said Lai.

Our favorite question
"If you were granted one technology wish for 2014, what would it be?" Mobility continues to dominate the tech wish list of Hong Kong's IT leaders.

"[I wish for] a hybrid mobile, cloud ,and social media technology," said Suen. Given that more mobile apps already use cloud services or data to enable social media capabilities, Suen's wish may not be far from reality.

"I wish my mobile phone would replace my wallet and keys," said Lee from City U. "Then I wouldn't have to carry my wallet anymore."

Although the uptake of NFC remain slow, Lee's wish is realistic. With more cash transactions being replaced by credit cards and Octopus cards, and more passports and identification documents being digitized, Lee could one day start his car or enter buildings using his mobile phone.

"All the data will be securely stored in the cloud and I can access them with my mobile phone," he added. "And if I lose my mobile phone, I'll wipe it clean and replace it with a new one."

Mok from Hopewell wants an end to the mobile operating systems debate. "Despite the strong growth of cloud, there are still limitations concerning compatibility between different mobile platforms," he said. "I wish that mobile devices would be more user-friendly."

Hong Kong's public officials in the IT space have tech wishes more related to social matters.

"I wish that more talented students would choose to study ICT-related disciplines and enter the ICT sector after graduation," said Daniel Lai. "This will ensure we have fresh ICT talent to support local ICT development."

"[I wish for] a more secure Internet, with less surveillance, especially from governments," said Charles Mok.


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