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The new rules of transformation, innovation and competition

Divina Paredes | June 2, 2017
NZ business leaders share lessons learned from using cloud technologies at the AWS Summit in Auckland.


The pace of innovation and agility is increasing competition in different verticals, says Glenn Gore, chief architect at Amazon Web Services.

"This is happening at both ends of the spectrum," he proclaimed in his keynote at the AWS Summit in Auckland this week.

Gore says this is impacting startups looking to disrupt traditional enterprises like banks, supermarkets and automobile manufacturers; through to enterprises looking to disrupt their competitors, while staying ahead of what startups are trying to do.

In this environment, "Innovation is not a goal, it is an ongoing process."

 Gore believes the cloud is providing a range of abilities (''superpowers'') to ICT leaders and their teams.

These include providing an environment that allows them to move fast, where they can test their ideas and services at any given time. As well, they understand customers better through data analytics.

Millions of devices are being connected to the internet and with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the concept of Internet of Things dramatically changes.

The amount of data is incredible, Gore says. "IoT is now 'Intelligent orchestrated Technology'."


Tales from the frontline

AWS customers in New Zealand and Australia discussed about their experiences on the challenges and opportunities in the cloud era at the conference.

"Our vision is to reimagine travel through inspiring digital experiences," says Simona Turin, general manager, digital strategy and capabilities, Air New Zealand.

She says Air New Zealand has mapped the customer journey of 15 steps. This was from the time they are dreaming and planning their destination, to getting on the flight and through to the last mile of their destination.

"We need to embrace digital and create a seamless experience," take every opportunity at every touchpoint in the customer journey to create a beautiful experience.

"We have to think differently," she states.

"We have to create tools for our developers and provide the environment that will allow them to work on an idea or a product now, and not eight weeks later.

"We now have a great technology platform to do that at the same time we are giving them a culture of experimentation."

She says this new environment has helped in the creation of the chatbot Bravo Oscar Tango, or Oscar for short.  It is the company's first venture into artificial intelligence, Turin says.

"We actually declared to our customers, this is a bot in training, you are going to work with us. That created a snowball effect."


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