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The new model of IT is instant, fluid, secure: VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

Zafar Anjum | April 29, 2015
In a fluid world like ours, it is important that companies choose right kind of strategic partners to move from where they are today to a ‘mobile cloud future’, said Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware at a conference of ASEAN CIOs in Bali

'Diversity is your enemy in terms of infrastructure,' he said, batting for the case of VMware's philosophy of One cloud, any app, any device.

So CIOs should standardize their infrastructure. Enterprise data centres are getting homogenized in terms of compute, he said. 'x86 compute is becoming the de facto platform,' he added.

He urged CIOs not to be afraid of failure. 'Failure is the currency by which you acquire knowledge,' Strong said.

Change is inevitable and those who are afraid to change, afraid to disrupt themselves, will eventually die. He gave many examples. How the home movie watching business changed from Blockbuster to Netflix to iTunes. Similarly, how the once dominant Encyclopaedia Britannica was disrupted by Encarta which in turn was killed off by Wikipedia.

"It is very hard to win a defensive war-you have to go out there to win the war," he said.

He gave the example of Amazon and how it was using technology as a medium of mass disruption.

56 CIOs from 17 industries and 9 countries attendrf the CIO Leaders Summit ASEAN 2015 in Bali on 15-17 April.

Vmware is today the world's sixth biggest software company with US$6 billion in revenues.


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