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The Mac office: Embracing the nearly paperless future

Joe Kissell | July 9, 2013
Despite all that scanning, shredding, and striving, the paperless office still isn't here. But is it really all or nothing?

Change your habits
The other day, however, I exchanged business cards with half a dozen other people at a table, and I immediately felt stupid for doing so--there's an app for that! Sure, I can scan this stack of cards on my desk, but I could just as easily have snapped a photo of them with a scanning app on my iPhone or iPad such as Prizmo () and handed the cards right back. The same goes for receipts, product literature, and all the other miscellaneous pieces of paper I tend to grab without thinking. I have the technology; the more significant obstacle is the need to change my habits.

I'm also trying to reduce the amount of paper I generate, but frankly, it wasn't that much in the first place, and it's not a particular source of discomfort. I'll be surprised if I go through a whole ream of printer paper this year, but if I happen to use 600 sheets, I'm not going to feel guilty about it.

Nearly paperless, and proud
My office isn't completely paperless and probably never will be. (What? Get rid of all my wonderful old books?) But I'm not going to sweat it. I'll keep scanning until there's no more incoming paper, and in the meantime I'll bask in the knowledge that without tedious tasks such as filing, faxing, stamping, and mailing, I'm already living in the nearly paperless future.


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