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The hybrid way to managed services

Zafar Anjum | March 13, 2015
CIO Asia caught up with NTT Communications' Theodoric Chan and Chris Sandoval recently to talk about IT outsourcing, hybrid clouds and demand for managed services in Asia.

Recently, CIO Asia, together with NTT Communications, organised the inaugural Technology Outsourcing Forum 2015 in Singapore. Hundreds of ICT professionals attended the event (read the full report here). On this occasion, we interviewed Theodoric Chan, Vice President, Global Network Transformation Taskforce, Network Services, NTT Communications and Chris Sandoval, NTT's Chief Evangelist for Managed Services. What resulted was a fascinating discussion on IT outsourcing, hybrid clouds and demand for managed services in Asia.

CIO Asia: What are the challenges enterprises face today in terms of data and their networking needs?

T Chan

Theodoric Chan (picture): IT end points nowadays is very different from what it was 5 to 10 years ago – business units are worldwide located, partners may be physically far away from you, but need to be very interconnected together. Mobility users keep on increasing. Expansion, time to the market, these are always challenging. It is like almost as soon as you have an idea, you have to start the deployment right away. So, all those are common challenges. In some industries, they need to be very fast in market dynamics. So they need the data analysis, data visibility very fast, while some are a little bit focused on the security areas.


Chris Sandoval (Picture): One of the challenges today is just the proliferation of data. A transpacific flight generates 1 terabyte worth of data, and how many planes are flying around? And that's just one industry! Then how do companies derive value from and monetise the data? Of course that's where the analytics comes in. But now you've got to serve that data to your business users at performance appropriate to the required workload. The challenges add up.

CIO Asia: How is NTT solving the problems of data and cloud opportunities for customers?

Chan: We offer services in different layers. First of all, we are very focused offering good on infrastructure services in which we have invested end-to-end. Today, we operate more than 130 data centres globally, most of them are self-built, self-owned and self-managed. The data centre is the key location where the cloud environment is hosted. We also invest in inter-connecting the data centres in a very diversified way, on a global basis. We have ownerships of multiple sub-marine cables. We focus not just on the bandwidth but also the values in terms of reliability and diversity as well as the latency benefit to customers. We own PC-1, ASE and other extra-low latency cables between the U.S. and Asia, as well as in the Asia region.

We are very focused on technology innovations and IT management consultations to support customers to address business needs. We launched the industry's first cloud networking services with instant self-service activation and pay-per-use model on global basis last year. Ours is the first virtualised network on a global basis.


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