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The AI ecosystem

Kris Hammond | May 12, 2015
"As soon as it works, no one calls it AI anymore." - John McCarthy

These systems tend to be brittle in that they know about a small number of tasks and how to decide between them, but, as we've all experienced, if you ask for something outside of their expertise, they really don't know what to do. Fortunately, when they are confused, they default to their respective search engines which at least provide search results.

These systems are just one class of animal in the new AI ecosystem, but you can see how the mix of elements plays out to provide powerful services. High-end speech recognition and generation supports interaction. Simple language processing extracts terms that drive a term-based decision model, which, in turn, figures out what you have requested and thus what task to perform. And, finally, a lightweight natural language generation model is used to craft a response. Each of these is a combination of intelligent functionalities that come together to create integrated systems that can genuinely understand your needs and provide desired services.

AI's capabilities around sensing, reasoning and communicating will be a dominant recurring theme that we will continue to explore. Next, I will discuss systems in which intelligence rises out of multiple, and sometimes competing, components.  


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