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Teradata turns to the cloud, offers data warehouse as a service

Thor Olavsrud | Oct. 24, 2013
The idea is to provide complete flexibility to customer.

"The key thing is choice," says Chris Twogood, vice president of product and services marketing at Teradata. "We have not dummied it down. For our customers, it comes down to geography or location. Do you want it on-premises inside your data center, or do you want to put it up in the cloud? What do you want to do in terms of the cash flow model?"

"Our focus is really about providing a complete solution stack, whether you do it on-premises or whether you do it in the cloud," he adds. "Our model is TCO-neutral. It balances out over about three years."

In the end, he says, the idea is to provide complete flexibility to customers, allowing them to deploy on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment as their business demands. Some businesses, like Teradata customer Netflix, have a cloud-only mandate, he says. The Teradata Cloud ensures that they can stick to that mandate.

"They've got hundreds of users literally hitting billions of different data points," Twogood says. "They're a company that does everything in the cloud. They want to be able to do their decision support in the cloud too."

For other customers, he says, the Teradata Cloud will provide a complement to their existing data warehouses and analytics capabilities, allowing them to expand and experiment. It also provides options for companies that may have perceived Teradata solutions as out of reach, or even for divisions within businesses that are looking to experiment.

"If you're looking to expand, you can do your big data analytics in the cloud," he says. "If you find results, you can easily move those results and operationalize them inside your data warehouse."

Three Ds as a Service
At the core of the Teradata Cloud are three new services (one available now, the other two slated for the first half of 2014): Data Warehouse as a Service, Discovery as a Service and Data Management as a Service.

Powered by Teradata Database, the Data Warehouse as a Service piece is available now in the U.S. via a monthly subscription. It provides access to Teradata Database, ETL and BI ecosystems, managed by Teradata, in a secure and reliable production class environment in the cloud. Teradata says it assumes responsibility for the hardware/software and daily end-to-end operations via Teradata Managed Services.

Discovery as a Service and Data Management as a Service will follow in the first half of 2014. Discovery as a Service will take advantage of Teradata Aster Discovery Platform to provide rapid exploration and discovery from diverse data via business intelligence, data integration and analytic tools. Data Management as a Service leverages open source Hadoop for processing large data sets.


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