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Teradata amplifies the real benefit of data for organizations: Sunil Jose

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
The discussion with C-Suite executives of India Inc. has moved from pure play analytics towards being more data driven says Sunil Jose, Managing Director, Teradata India.

Today we see the combination of CIO working with a CMO figuring out details about a digital strategy.  Or probably data scientists in the organization introspecting at how they can leverage data better for their business.

Teradata has been a predominant enterprise to large enterprise player. Do you plan to move down stream and address the vast segment of mid-market and SMBs?

Globally as an organization Teradata has been catering to the top 3000 to 4000 companies and helping them with their 'data-centric' roadmap. And it remains fairly the same in India (catering to large to very large enterprises).

We have also seen traditional change in our strategy. Today a large organization consuming technology is not involved with typical eighteen to twenty month deployment cycle to derive value out of it. But it is a much shorter project cycle of five to six weeks being worked upon. That differentiation in data driven economy between large enterprise and SMB brings down the scope.  A large manufacturer might not be able to become a Flipkart if they are not a better aggregator.  Those kind of companies (unicorns) are now emerging thick and fast. And you cannot call the Unicorn a SMB anymore.

What is Teradata's 'Go to Market' strategy in India?  Are you traversing an indirect route through an army of channel partners too?

We traverse both routes. We have sales teams directly working with large enterprise and enterprise customers and also prospects who want to explore the path ahead with data.

We are aligned with lot of partners including large systems integrators. They are working with us in India and globally too. Some of them are Indian partners working in India and globally with us. Some of them are global partner companies who have outfits in India.

Teradata is working mainly with tier-1 channel partners in India. The tier-2 partners are building technology in that space in which we play. Today lot of people building skills around Hadoop and open source ecosystem and those partners are welcome to work with us around services and all those 'data-related' domain areas.

What typical credentials should channel companies possess to potentially align with Teradata?

It's more about the capabilities than the credentials of GTM. We have clearly reasonable visibility around GTM on the kind of the potential customers and the kind of the customers that have the data which works well with our technology stack and solution offerings. 

Channels partners can work with the ecosystem with the creativity to work with us from technology perspective and then built it for the customer. It's more outcome driven. The partners who have that kind of capabilities can see the real value of the combination of our consulting folks, services plus technology which they can place in front of the customers and really build value out of it.


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