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Talking the Analytics Revolution

Zafar Anjum | Oct. 13, 2014
Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer at Teradata, talks about a major, and fundamental shift in the way that analytics are built and deployed within an organization today

There has been a lot of progress made with big data. Most companies have moved beyond wondering what it is and if they should pursue. Focus now is on how to pursue it and the development of plans to do it. Asia is probably behind the West as of today, but I wouldn't expect that trend to last for too long. Just like the concept of cloud computing is here to stay and is widely being used and driving value, so is big data. Big data is really about having new, valuable information to analyze that often was never available before. This is why it is so powerful and will continue to increase in adoption and impact.

What is a storage company Teradata doing in the analytics space?

Teradata has always been far more than a storage company. We are an analytics company at heart. Our products and services have always helped organizations analyze their data. In recent years, we've increased focus even more on our consulting and value added technology offerings to help customers be even more effective with analytics. Nobody has ever purchased Teradata to store data. Teradata is purchased so that the data that is placed within the system can be analyzed.

Is there any threat to the big data companies from startups that offer big data as a service or on tap?

Certainly there is always competitive pressure in any industry. Teradata has proven the ability to deliver quality products and to grow for several decades. We believe that we are well positioned to continue to be a market leader moving forward. We have a range of new offerings that address all of the relevant areas of big data including big data as a service.

How do you see the big data landscape changing the in the next couple of years? Will mobility affect the landscape in a big way?

One of the biggest changes will be the increased adoption of big data and the standardization of the way that many big data sources are utilized.  To the extent that mobile technology can both create big data and also deliver information to consumers that is derived from that data, it will certainly play a role.



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