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Talent remains the biggest issue for deploying open source in the enterprise

Scott Carey | Aug. 23, 2016
Diversity is also an issue, with a survey finding that 11 percent of open source contributors are women

Richardson summed up the issue as a skills gap: "The basic problem is that the rate of demand is outpacing supply very rapidly. In future there will be many more developer positions. That completely changes the trend of how IT is consumed within the enterprise."

Diversity also remains an issue. The open source community is even less representative than the already deeply unrepresentative tech sector. A 2013 survey by Libresoft found just 11 percent of open source contributors to be women, which is something enterprises must consider.


Open source companies like MongoDB and Red Hat have built their entire business model on adding value to open source software through support and security. As Percival at Red Hat said: "Enterprises haven't changed in what they demand from us. They want support cycles, risk management built in. All the things that people have always required for legal obligations are still there. They haven't gone away."

Enterprises and government took their time adopting open source due to concerns around security and regulation, but as Percival said: "The government have been a massive driver in the UK. By definition you can look inside open source. It is open. That raises issues around security. Some people can no longer accept the way of having closed software delivery."

Hackney added: "As a developer, we do love open source. When it goes wrong we like to know what is going wrong. It really helps us."


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