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Tabbles: tagging tool improves speed, adds corporate focus

Ian Harac | May 14, 2014
Tabbles provides a tagging overlay for the Windows file system, making it easier to group files based on their logical relationship to each other, not their location within the disk's hierarchy. The folder/file system has been the default metaphor since the earliest days of personal computing, but with a typical drive holding hundreds of thousands of files, organizing them rationally is difficult. Depending on your needs of the moment, you may want to see all Excel sheets from the past year, or all files related to a single project, or all of the Word documents for the four projects related to a particular client. Tabbles makes it easy to do this, if you use it regularly and with discipline.

Tabbles is not without issues. The first is pretty unavoidable: You need to be proactive and diligent about tagging files. If tagging is done haphazardly, the utility of Tabbles plummets. Auto-tagging rules can help with this, but that's a second issue: The flexibility of the rules is limited. I cannot create a single rule to tag .doc and .docx files — each is its own rule. I can't set rules based on file contents or on file attributes beyond name and disk location. Third, as Yellow Blue Soft is a small company, things like documentation and website maintenance tend to lag behind actual development work.

I like Tabbles. It fills a needed niche for me, and for any user who works on sprawling projects that cross many file types and directories. It is well worth checking out if your daily work fits that description.


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