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Survey: Container use is way up -- and way different

Serdar Yegulalp | June 17, 2016
Containers are in use more than ever, but for shorter stretches -- indicating they may be complementing existing IT modes, not displacing them

Ryan also noted the growth in containers seen by New Relic was consistent with RedMonk's observations: "Most, if not all, forward-looking enterprises are looking toward containers as part of their next-generation application strategy."

Another anecdotal revelation from Germanow: New Relic saw containers used as an end run around the restrictions of operations departments. This development is less an indictment of devops as a whole than it is a response to the inadequacies of certain implementations of devops.

"[Dev groups] can't obtain virtual machines or servers as fast as they would like," said Germanow. "There are multiple instances of ops teams getting really excited about improving their pipeline, and watching their requests for new servers or VMs all of a sudden flatline, and when they tried to figure out what happened, they found out the dev teams deployed Docker." Germanow was again uncertain about where those containers were running, but believed they were running on VMs.

As containers have taken off, various firms (New Relic among them) have developedtooling for obtaining better metrics about their use and the behaviors of applications running inside them. But there's been little front-line information regarding the environments around containers or how containers are changing those environments. Such details are hard to come by, but they would be eye-opening to have.

Source: Infoworld 


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