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Storage Minefield: How to avoid common pitfalls

Barracuda Networks | July 25, 2016
What you should look for when considering cost-effective storage solutions that scale with your business.

Businesses today have been working hard to keep up with Big Data, shrinking IT budgets, increased mobility, BYOD, and more, with global IT spends falling by 5.5 percent in 2015 . As you look to cost-effective storage solutions that scale with your business, look out for the 3 most common pitfalls:

Pitfall #1: The Unseen Ballooning of Data
Microsoft Exchange and Outlook generate lots of duplicate data. Given the number of emails sent daily in an organisation, duplicate emails build up on email servers and users' computers, fuelling a huge growth of data stored downstream in network backups. In parallel with email, the servers in your network contain duplicate copies of the same operating systems, applications and other software that find their way into backup storage. Adding on extraneous data such as users' music files, if left unchecked, the data your organisation stores can balloon to an unmanageable size.

Pitfall #2: Inability to Meet Compliance & Litigation Requests
Compliance issues are perhaps the driving force behind the increase in demand for an email archiving solution. The sheer number of regulations requiring some form of email retention, as well as the more specific parameters of how the email should be stored and for how long, can be confusing. Although many regulations exist and have varying requirements, compliance is based on three concepts:

  • Email permanence - Email must be maintained in its original form without alteration or deletion
  • Email security - Information must be protected against all threats including unauthorised access to the email as well as physical damage. This same concept applies to the process of legal discovery which often specifies who can access the email (i.e., legal teams) as well as safeguards against the destruction of hard copies of the data
  • Auditability - Email must be easily accessible in a timely fashion by authorised personnel upon request

Investing in a solution that provides litigation support and compliance can go a long way in saving time and money.

Pitfall #3: Disaster Unpreparedness
Natural disasters and other unexpected catastrophic events can have a devastating impact on business operation. Organisations rely on technology and data more than ever to keep their business running as efficiently as possible. In their most critical moment, organisations should be able to look to their backup and disaster recovery solution to get their business back up and running, with minimal losses.

Deploying and managing a backup solution can be a difficult and time-consuming task, particularly when your organisation is distributed across multiple locations. Ensuring that you have a comprehensive plan means managing off-site storage for disaster recovery, as well as all of the technology and services that go along with moving critical data off-site.


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