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StickyBrain review: Slick notes manager turns its back on mobile sync

J.R. Bookwalter | Sept. 1, 2015
The virtual equivalent of Post-It notes, Stickies have a storied history on the Mac, dating way back to the release of System 7.5 in 1994. More than a decade ago, this utility became something of an afterthought for Apple, who evicted the cute little squares from the Finder beginning with OS X Tiger, where they settled peacefully into retirement as Dashboard widgets.

Unfortunately, Chronos brought StickyBrain out of retirement on the heels of Apple introducing enhancements to its free, built-in Notes with OS X El Capitan, including the ability to create checklists and add photos, videos, web URLs, or map locations directly from other apps. That makes it tough to justify spending $30 on a less-capable third-party solution.

Worse yet, StickyBrain lacks support for syncing to iCloud and popular cloud services like Dropbox, meaning users who abandon Notes would have no way to view or edit their library from an iOS device. It’s a curious omission considering the previous version included sync with Palm and iPod devices, a rather forward-thinking concept in the pre-iPhone era.

Bottom line

StickyBrain is a slick Mac note manager with several niceties like attaching applications to notes, but the lack of mobile sync and the looming shadow of improvements coming to OS X El Capitan’s built-in Notes make this a cautious recommendation for now.


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