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Starbucks' iOS app now lets you order ahead and skip the line

Derek Walter | July 31, 2015
Starbucks orders can get complicated: Getting an upside-down, two pump, nonfat Caramel Macchiato with light ice often requires yelling over the espresso machine and the person in line next to you.

Apple Pay die-hards can still technically use Apple Pay, too. Just checkout with Apple Pay when reloading your Starbucks card before placing your mobile order. That way, you can access Apple Pay's encryption benefits while still racking up Starbucks rewards points. 

Of course, this experience should improve with time. And Apple likely has a lot of plans to provide incentives and other types of hooks to get you to pull out your iPhone (or Apple Watch) more often when you come to the register. The slick experience provided by the Starbucks app is definitely a place to get some inspiration.

There's more to come

The Starbucks' app payment function is still in Beta, so look for Starbucks to continuously tweak it over time. It also isn't yet available in all stores--check out their store locator to find a participating store near you. Starbucks also says in its in-store literature that the pay-in-advance feature will eventually come to the Android app.

While there aren't any statistics available about how often the order-ahead feature is used, every barista I chatted with said they find a lot of people use the feature throughout the day. And I don't live in Silicon Valley, so it's a good barometer that many who aren't tech-obsessed have latched on to this feature. If you haven't given it a go, it's worth trying--especially during those times when the line is long and the people are restless.


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