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SOURCE Boston: Confronting the insider threat

Taylor Armerding | May 23, 2016
Low tech still trumps high tech when it comes to stopping insider breaches, whether malicious or just careless. But behavioral analytics can help close the gap.

Personality profiling is not always accurate. “The socially awkward male is almost never the one,” he said. “There is no specific profile – people are complicated.”

Technology can tip the balance in the organization’s favor, if it is used wisely, he said, to track anomalous behavior.

“An employee who is going somewhere he’s never gone before, creating a new account, bypassing his usual access is worth watching,” he said. “So is data egress and then an account being deleted," he said.

It doesn’t automatically mean an employee is malicious, he said, but that kind of behavior should set off alarms.

“You have to look at things in context,” he said, “but they can be pointers to something bad happening.”


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