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Solving skills crisis starts at preschool: Dr Goodnight

Byron Connolly | May 12, 2015
CIO chats to SAS founder, Dr Jim Goodnight

CIO: How have you managed to grow the business for so long? Is it a mix of product and innovation, the workplace culture you have created or a mix of all these things?

The culture of the organisation is designed for creativity and innovation, which allows us to produce extraordinarily good products -- and as we move into the massively parallel area, we are able to produce software that runs hundreds of times faster than other people. So big modelling jobs that used to run for 12 hours or more, we can do those in a minute and a half now. It's a matter of getting people to think that these huge enormous savings in time is worth the small investment in learning how to use the new tools.

We see a lot of other organisations, public companies, if it feels like their profits are going to go down, the CEO has no problem with slashing people, reducing headcount. My belief is that it's so hard to recruit new people that have the skills that you want. We try to provide a culture that it [SAS] is one of the best places in the world -- that makes it much easier to retain people and recruit new people.



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