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Solix empowers a data-driven world: Sai Gundavelli

Sejuti Das | June 6, 2017
Sai Gundavelli, founder and CEO at Solix Technologies, discusses how the company empowers businesses to monetize data effectively, efficiently and safely to become a true data-driven company.

Solix empowers a data-driven world: Sai Gundavelli

With the massive data growth, businesses around the world are struggling to intelligently capture, organise, and analyse data. In a recent Forrester report, 59 percent of respondents stated that leveraging big data and analytics is going to be a high priority for their organisations this year.

Solix Technologies--a big data solutions provider and headquartered in California--believes that to thrive in this era, businesses need to be data-driven and should be doing real-time analytics. The company also believes that to garner opportunities, IT leaders must focus on the disruptive technologies.

On this note, Sai Gundavelli, founder, and CEO of Solix Technologies discusses how the company empowers businesses to monetise data effectively, efficiently and safely to become a true data-driven company.


How is Solix Technologies doing in the enterprise data management space? How's the market in India?
We are an enterprise data management solutions company, aiming to enable businesses to achieve information lifecycle management. We automate enterprise data archiving, application migration and application upgradeability for businesses, so that performance, compliance, and storage can be facilitated, and cost can be optimised.

Data is growing by leaps and bounds and is now the most important asset for a business. Therefore to manage that, we delve into the ABCs-analytics, big data, and cloud technologies. In return, it helps in optimising cash, cost, and compliance.

India, as a country holds massive opportunity for our business, as all the fortune 500 companies to some extent, have outsourced in India. Earlier business in India was built across services economy, based on the likes of sequel servers or oracle servers. But now they have become legacy technologies, and therefore now it is all about playing in real time analytics and becoming a data-driven organisation.


What verticals is Solix planning to tap this year and next?
Currently, we are aggressively looking to penetrate banking, financial services, and healthcare sectors. Data plays a huge role in these industries in providing both opportunities and disruption.

As e-commerce players have changed the operational style of the retail industry, banking is bound to transform itself completely to become virtual. We believe these massive financial brands with huge real estate investment are going to struggle because of these disruptive technologies.

The very face of the banking industry will change, and banks will only be understood as mobile phones and ATM machines. To give an instance, Goldman Sachs, headquartered in New York, with the help of mobility and other newer technologies, is now capable of opening a virtual branch in a city like Bangalore without having a proper workplace. Even the government is looking for enhanced technologies to improve various sectors of the state.


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