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Singapore’s demand for IT professionals to increase in 2016

Nurdianah Md Nur | Dec. 17, 2015
IT jobs poised to earn the biggest salary raise include cloud specialists, cybersecurity experts, full-stack developers and UI/UX designers, says Randstad.


There will be a strong demand for IT professionals from startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore next year, according to recruitment firm Randstad.

However, IT professionals who will be highly sought after will be those skilled in new technologies.

For instance, engineers, developers and designers with mobile experience will be in high demand due to the proliferation of smartphones in Singapore. Government initiatives including the Early Stage Venture Fund programme -- which has pumped S$150 million into technology start-ups since 2008 --  have also led to a demand for talents skilled in full-stack, Java, mobile development, as well as user interface/experience (UI/UX) specialists and cloud evangelists.

Daljit Sall, Associate Director for IT at Randstad, said: "To attract the high calibre IT candidates, SMEs should play to millennials' entrepreneurial spirit by leveraging the appeal of building a company from the ground up. Working at a startup also allows a level of creativity and experimentation that most large companies do not offer, in a less structured work environment."

"Startups also need to learn how to incentivise their employees. For example, young workers are generally more worried about work-life balance than career progression or personal growth, so it is important that employers set achievable goals and realistic work hours."

"[In general,] employers need to support their staff by providing regular training to upgrade their skills. Additionally, they should also provide structured leadership and development programmes that incorporate open feedback from employees to increase motivation."

According to Randstad, IT professionals in some roles can expect a salary increase of up to 5 percent next year, with the average bonus in the vicinity of one to three months' salary.

For IT professionals looking to move to another company, they can expect an eight to 13 percent pay rise, with cloud specialists, cybersecurity experts, full-stack developers and UI/UX designers able to command the greatest jump.


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