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Singapore firm uses SAS analytics for SMEs

Anuradha Shukla | Feb. 22, 2016
Offers SMEs shared access to HR systems and services.

Lee Wenyong & Co., a Singapore-based HR analytics firm is using SAS analytics solutions to offer Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) shared access to HR systems and services.

SMEs are leveraging these analytics-driven systems to gain visibility over employee engagement and key business metrics.

SAS is thus allowing these enterprises to make better-informed HR decisions on performance management, which increases productivity.

Lee Wenyong & Co. is specifically dependent on the Success Drivers Assessment capability that analyses a potential candidate's information to determine if the person is aligned with the job, working team and organisation.

"The challenge to recruit talent has been made all the more difficult with the increasing competitiveness in the marketplace today," said Max Lee Wenyong, HR director and Partner of the firm. "By cutting though the noise and extracting the right insights from employee data, the probability of hiring the right fit for the job significantly increases."

Track staff performance

The SAS VA solution is designed to help SMEs' measure and track staff performance in an accurate manner.

Lee Wenyong & Co. contrasts employee performance against key business metrics to help SME clients have greater visibility over performance management.

The company extracts actionable insights from existing data to construct accurate KPIs enabling users to realistically assess employees' performance.

"SAS Visual Analytics allows insights extracted from data to be visualised as dashboards in a manner that is easily understood across the board in an organisation, from the key decision makers to the field staff," added Lee. "With fair KPI measurements in place, employees are then motivated to work for rewards based on tangible factors, which ultimately contributes to growth of the company."

Lee Wenyong & Co. is the first Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in Singapore to deploy SAS Visual Analytics (VA).


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