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Serverless architecture delivers scale, savings for Freight Exchange

Rohan Pearce | Oct. 23, 2017
Despite a sharp increase in the use of its online platform, the logistics company’s CTO says that it still only requires two instances thanks to its extensive use of Amazon’s Lambda service.

"This is potentially a way of starting to break those up by just taking small chunks out of them and saying, 'Right, let's just whack that up into a serverless function' and put an API in front of it. If that works, great then you do the next bit, then you do the next bit, then you do the next bit."

"If you're going to sit down and go, 'Right let's rewrite our entire application to be serverless', I would say that's probably a bad idea," he said.

"Maybe you'll eventually get rid of the whole thing; maybe you won't' ever quite get to that. But it doesn't matter: You're all the time chipping away and the core bit is getting smaller and you don't need the same resources. You're just gradually getting rid of it, but a chunk at a time."


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